The power of Aloe Vera

The power of Aloe Vera

General information about the aloe vera plant and operations of the plant to a product. 

Many ingredients in aloe vera are purely natural and are important for maintaining good health.Aloe vera contains such vitamins, amino acids, minerals and even traces of vitamin B12 (such as occurs in organ meat) plus 20 amino acids including all 8 and 9 for very young children even essential amino acids. The important thing is not that the substances in them but they also actively contribute to good health! It helps the digestion and absorption of food in the body. It is a good complement to our daily food. 

Aloe vera cleanses our body and trying to restore the natural balance. Note you only what you buy. aloe vera is a plant and there are usually 3 types of aloe vera. Most important is that the jelly is not fetched from the leaves with a high temperature pasteurized because high temperatures over a certain period of time ensuring that a significant proportion of organic aloe vera materials perish! The term cold stabilized heard much but it appears that the aloe is heated over a period of 35 up to 80 ° C. The product still contains substances that may affect the enzymatic but disappeared after heating to 80 degrees celcius. Better to find a brand that organic and / or bio-active is. Containing all have active parts. 

Do you know if aloe vera is good for you try it at least for 3-6 months. This is not a marketing trick, but the reality. As is often the difference is only noticeable after this period. Preferably for 6-12 months. 

Drink daily 2 times a little aloe vera. On an empty stomach and before dinner. Possibly even a little before bed with gastrointestinal symptoms. Often enough 2 x 25/30 ml per day. If your body wants more may feel that. to 2 x 60 ml can certainly later than one can try to bring the volume down. Hold the same in the aloe by mouth for swallowing. Let the aloe vera glide through the mouth. Possibly you can dilute with water or aloe vera juice one. Always drink plenty of water, even if you do not use aloe vera. 

The aloe vera plant growing on plantations certified by the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture and aloe vera is produced under license from Texas Health Department and according to GMP. Even the aloe vera products not made from powders (that are often cosmetic companies in the cream) in order to save the expensive transport (1 kg powder = 200 liter fresh aloe vera). The products contain the maximum amount of active substances in the original plants. 

The creams are made from aloe vera gel and not concentrated powders. According to the latest techniques can make all powders by the liquid to drift with special techniques so that the structure remains similar to that of the original ... a product with aloe vera aloe vera powder so there's not necessarily bad either! Well you should have to make sure that proper treatment method is used! On other sites you often read that no product is good except the aloe vera product that they offer. This is big bullshit. There are many aloe vera products on the market that are good to excellent. Also a number of products on the market that have less impact.Independent laboratory reports are made available to us about the quality of different types of aloe vera. 

iodine and aloe vera. iodine is neutralized by including vitamin C. The iodine reacts with the vitamin C. Aloe vera not neutralize iodine. Try a product itself - the best way!