Why use Aloe Vera?

Why use Aloe Vera?

1. To maintain good health! You can use every day, aloe vera to keep your body healthy! 

2. Organic Aloe vera is bio-active, ie the ingredients in these products are Aloe vera also have influence. The enzymatic effect is maintained. 

3. According to the latest processing techniques with the advantage that more active substances in it than most aloe vera products. 

4. Guaranteed the highest percentage in the naturally occurring aloe vera plant aloe vera polysaccharides. 

5. Is not koolfiters purified!

6. Independent reports on the quality of the aloe vera. 

7. No flavor-sweetener (Sorbitol), odor, color and thickeners (Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan) added. 

8. Plantations free from pesticides, according STTS aloe processing system, preservation without much (natural) preservatives to use! 

9. You can choose from: Single Gel or Whole plants or pulp product, your choice! 

10. The aloe vera and the products are controlled by the IASC, qai, TDA, USDA and Spectral Service. 

11. NOT tested on animals! 

12. Parave kosher and Aloe vera. 

13. Aloe vera has the property quickly and deeply into the skin to penetrate. 

14. Skin care, to help red and sensitive skin, dry skin, moisturizing is, protects the skin from aging, is good for connective tissue in the skin. 

15. Is good / important for the nervous. 

16. Guts, provides a good support, a good balance between positive and negative bacteria in the gut intestinal metabolism. 

17. Aloe vera helps digestion, supports the functioning of the digestive enzymes and digestive support. 

18. Stiffness (when standing) and ensures the maintenance of supple joints. 

19. Aloe vera is a natural food source. 

20. We advise you not to start with Aloe vera if you are pregnant. Consult your doctor for this. 

21. Are free radicals in our body. 

22. To complement our food, aloe vera is healthy to supplement our diet, in addition to such diets, athletes, and for a healthy and active life! It stimulates digestion and helps the (natural) immune system. 

23. You can not replace your medication by Aloe vera. If in doubt please contact your GP or specialist. 

24. Children can also provide daily some Aloe vera. 

25. Try it and see the difference. 

26. In particular, the "green" Germany is delighted with the quality of the Aloe Vera products! 

27. Exports to countries such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, England, France, Hungary and Spain. 

28. More than 30 years of experience and cooperation with world's largest Aloe vera connoisseurs!